As part of the Board exhibition on at the NGV Studio gallery space at Fed Square, I was asked by the good folk at Just Another Agency to paint a couple skateboards in house for 3 days with font designer Leisha Muraki in Jan..All boards by JAA artists are for sale and proceeds go towards the Three Sixty Project- you can check out (up close) and buy boards here:


The name 360 Project was chosen to represent this concept. Our first goal is to supply 360 skateboards worldwide, but the name also represents the cycle process of everyday people making a difference through the design or purchase of skateboards, either for art or to ride (the decks are 100% hard rock maple, manufactured to international standards). Lastly, and most importantly, 360 degrees represents the impact we aim to have on a global scale. There is no country or region we cannot reach – no teenager or young adult who cannot access a 360 Project skateboard.

All profits made by 360 Project are put towards manufacturing more skateboards and supplying additional products such as wheels, trucks and bearings, and the Programs that receive our decks are documented on the 360 Project website for people to see the impact of their generosity.

For more info, see :

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