So after the success of Melbourne and Adelaide’s ‘With A Little Help from My Friends’ exhibitions, I decided it was time to get my butt over to Perth, to visit old mates and give them a SEARious taste. Ladies Lounge was a crew group show organised by the one and only Ladie Poise, Shime and Lady Bananas who reside on the wild west coast. After some debacle with the gallery owner..(gallery will NOT be mentioned as I cant stand the guy who ‘runs’ it and he deserves nothing but possibly a punch to the groin!)..we had an amazing turnout and fun was had by all in true HKC styles. Punters got a taste of how the ladies run things and a few bargains to boot! Big thanks to POISE and PORE for accomodation,early airport runs and antics, to big SHIME and Montys Auto Colour for paint and sorting the space  and shout outs to Bananas and my old mate Heidi for coming up north to visit and sink drinks! Love you all and will be back in April for more westside funtics!

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