Civic Hot Bread, is a cute little family owned and operateds   bakery on Civic Pde near the Millers Rd roundabout intersection, is the latest in a collection of Altona shops to get a SEARious make over. Thanks to Ladie POISE for her help on this project!!

2014-12-03 18.11.18
Cvic Hot Bread, Altona 2014
2014-12-03 18.10.58
SEAR Civic Hot Bread ALTONA Dec 2014
2014-12-03 18.11.28
SEAR Civic Hot Bread ALTONA Dec 2014

Make sure you get in there and support Belinda & her hubby ‘The Baker’ & the kids. Tell ’em SEAR sent ya! Theyll definately look after you!

Support the businesses that support local art and artists!