My new favorite annual event to paint at is Maitreya. Its been yonks since Ive lost my shoes on a Friday night, done the barefoot stomp all weekend to lasers and trance and found them sitting all lonely and neglected looking like they’ve had as good of a time as I have, still on the dance floor, in a pile of hundreds of other lost soles , on the following Monday!

And I LOVE IT!!! 🙂

…..oh…and I painted with some stand up peeps to prep and pretty the bush palace for its onslaught of city dwellers looking to dance and doof the weekend away.

Hurry up next year..Id like to come play again sooner than later!

SEAR at Maitreya 2015

Im also on the look out for any other festivals and parties that need pretty-ing and painting to attend in the meantime so if you run or help organise any and are looking for some new talent to transform spaces into far out places- gimme a holler asap!! xx