What do you get when you mix 100 square metres of wall, 300 enthusiastic primary school kids , the theme of ‘Creation’ and 1 overly optimistic artist and a support crew made up of a wonderfully open , kind, and creative art teacher and an interested, inspired and motivating parent?

Galilee Catholic P.S., South Melbourne VIC 2015
Galilee Catholic P.S., South Melbourne VIC 2015

As part of the deal, I agreed (somehow!-as anyone who knows me would know that public speaking is definitely NOT my forte!!) to give a talk/presentation on Graffiti & Street Art VS. Vandalism to 300 eager kids and their teachers and parents. Worried I woudnt have enough to talk about to fill a half hour, I ended up going OVERtime and they had to cut me short as at the 1.5hr mark the teachers needed to get the now excited and newly invigorated and creatively motivated pupils back to their mundane studies of maths and phonics. Who knew?! Also as part of our agreement, I gave 4x practical graffiti workshops to the grades 5/6’s.

After a brief run down on types of nozzles and cans, and a gloss over of basic design principles, we headed outside to get our hands painty – most of them for the first time ever.

After a bit of a play and getting a feel for the cans, we went through a painting ‘step by step’ exercise and everyone ended up with a colourful bird each out of their squares and circles and lines. They were all very proud of their work and one girl even exclaimed that she “wants to be a graffiti artist when she grows up!”

Mission accomplished.

The mural that the school requested only had one requirement- the theme is ‘Creation’.

After 2-3 months of 1 day a week painting- competing with the weather and busy schedules of life- the 100m2 wall was finally completed just in time to be launched at the school’s Annual Art Exhibition.

Big thanks goes to all of the teachers and students at Gallilee Primary for all their cheers and support during recess and lunch breaks when they watched and helped out with the painting.  Thank you to Frank the principal and to the whole school community for inviting me into their world and appreciating my work enough to want it on their wall well into the future!

*Special mention and thanks goes to Mrs. Marilyn Orr (Mal) and Ms Anne Shannon for their unending care, support and encouragement. xo