I recently (December 2016) drove over to Adelaide -with ALL my paint- in tow to paint the inside of Christies Beach’s newest and ONLY -soon to open- charcoal and yiros takeaway shop The Fiery Greek.

This was one of those jobs you love where the client trusts and loves your work enough to give you free reign. As Id also been contracted to do their logo and menus for them (I also do graphic design) I opted to keep the restaurant/shop colours quite neutral as the logo used Greek flag blue and a Pantone Bright orange in it and I knew that these would show up around the shop as well as the colours of the salads and meats and you just don’t want to take away from what is important in a food establishment- THE FOOD.

The one prerequisite was to have a spartan warrior woman standing guard over the premises-both for looks and for luck.

My computer is down at the moment but when i get her back up and running or get a new one- ill post the logos and menus. Ill also keep you posted on The Fiery Greek’s grand opening as if you’re in the area you aren’t going to want to miss out!