‘A bit o’ this…A bit o’that…’

– A Beginners Guide to Being Searious –



Sear graffiti melbourne

“I just like making things in general – pictures, sculpture, businesses, websites, stories, plans, toast,……trouble?

Hahaha! Im definately more of a ‘stuff maker’ than an ‘artist‘. Is that a thing?..guess it is now.

For some reason I think of an ‘artist’ as someone that would wear a whole lot of purple….”

– Searious Jones


The Short Version

‘Stuff-maker’ Samantha ‘Searious’ Jones  is a prolific, Melbourne based creative.

Inspiration for past & present artwork is drawn from an unlimited store of the artist’s healthy ‘realistic skepticism’, tongue-in-cheek wit, observations and a passionate love of ‘humanisms’ and animal behaviour. Word play, cliches and popular sayings (that are so popular and well-used that they’ve lost all meaning anymore) form the spark from where her artistic fire begins to burn.

My creative process can be summed up by the same philosophy by which I live-
“By Any Means (or Media – in this case.) Necessary”

Utilising found, repurposed and recycled objects –which add their own voice to the story– as a canvas or backdrop, she then layers images, text and pattern to write the ending of the story.

Alternating between clean, bold lined, iconic, graphic symbolism and soft edged, smoothly shaded, monochrome portraits of anonymously, familiar characters, the artist paints a biography of commonly shared, tales and adventures- both physical and spiritual.

“I call them visual ‘choose your own adventure’ stories or modern fables even ….with a ‘2x outcome minimum’ moral to their story,  that manifests – more likely than not – in the form of a visual limerick or a cliche prose and/or visual pun.”  -Searious Jones

Add to this juxtaposition, just the right amount of ‘slap-happy’, controlled mess & ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ elements and you have the icing on the Searious Jones  “eye cake”.

Recently, a ‘healthy obsession’ for playing with power tools and experimenting with basic moving parts has become an integral part in her research and finished work, resulting in a series of interactive and transforming diorama inspired, paintings and 3D pieces.

When Searious Jones isn’t busy making the world more thoughtful, amusing, colourful & visually delicious, you will find her curating local exhibitions and coordinating paint events, doing live aerosol demonstrations at festivals and ‘bush doofs’ as well as “passing the creative baton” by mentoring youth and running all ages graffiti & aerosol art based workshops or running graffiti based team building courses for corporate teams and small business groups or hosting a graffiti birthday party in the suburbs.

…..Or just chilling with her dogs, hanging with mates or laughing about the world with her daughter. Depends on the day. 


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The Long Version – (To be continued..)