For all those artists and graffiti artists out there that might be wanting some extra coin..and i only mean a LITTLE extra coin as Airtasker takes 15% off the agreed fee, Airtasker is proving a good little regular earn. You will need to renegotiate the price but please do as alot of people dont know what to pay a graffiti artist to do something and are open to being helped with throwing a price on the table. I have “over quoted” (thats what airtasker calls it when you quote back at the person wanting the work with a real price) on all of my jobs and the airtasker is always been ageeable to the reasonable alternate fee. Dont get greedy or youll wreck it for all the rest of us just trying to do what we love but get a reasonable price for our work,time and skill.

Here is a canvas job I took on right before xmas. In fact I delivered it Xmas day so the client could take it overseas as a gift for his friend Helene. Merry Xmas Helene. I hope you like your canvas! 🙂

‘Helene’ by SEAR Aerosol, acrylic and pencil on canvas. 2016