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Asia 2017

For all those artists and graffiti artists out there that might be wanting some extra coin..and i only mean a LITTLE extra coin as Airtasker takes 15% off the agreed fee, Airtasker is proving a good little regular earn. You will need to renegotiate the price but please do as alot of people dont know what to pay a graffiti artist to do something and are open to being helped with throwing a price on the table. I have “over quoted” (thats what airtasker calls it when you quote back at the person wanting the work with a real price) on all of my jobs and the airtasker is always been ageeable to the reasonable alternate fee. Dont get greedy or youll wreck it for all the rest of us just trying to do what we love but get a reasonable price for our work,time and skill.

Here is a canvas job I took on right before xmas. In fact I delivered it Xmas day so the client could take it overseas as a gift for his friend Helene. Merry Xmas Helene. I hope you like your canvas! 🙂

‘Helene’ by SEAR Aerosol, acrylic and pencil on canvas. 2016

New Courtyard for Alibaba Group’s new Australia/New Zealand offices in Melbourne Australia

Ferguson Street Provisions, Williamstown VIC 2016


What a way to start the new year!

Out of the blue, I received an email enquiry from Tony of Ferguson Street Provisions cafe in Williamstown VIC.

“Could I paint their inside wall as a feature, in a short time period for a reasonable price?”

He explained that they had had other quotes from artists Id never heard of for astronomical amounts so he was already expecting my reply. I went down, sized up the wall and we talked about what he and the family ‘saw’ on this feature wall of their much loved family business. After I showed them a couple of examples of styles, and showed them more of my style and work, we agreed on the elements they wanted included and I went away to brainstorm a couple design drafts for them to approve.


This was a new kind of challenge for me as I’m not used to having the assistance of a projector for precision and efficiency but after this job will definitely think about utilising one for indoor, limited time, food prep area type jobs,  that’s for sure!!

It was a dream!!

And weirdly, after 4 hours of painting , my hands were pretty much paint free!!! (and anyone who knows me KNOWS that THAT is unheard of!! Even when I’m NOT painting! 😉  )

This wall is a bit different -style wise for me and in all honesty I loved the challenge of doing something a bit different but with the same SEARious flavour!

A HUGE thank you to Tony and his beautiful family. I’m so chuffed that you love the wall and I look forward to dropping in to sample some of your works of culinary art!


Maitreya 2015

More Coming Soon!!

I apologise profusely for being so slack in the update department recently!!

Coming Soon!

:: International AIDS Conference Melbourne

:: Ladie Killerz 7 – Melburn

::Burgers On Barkly- Interior Overhaul by SEAR

:: Private Commissioned Murals- Brightening Up Melboiurnes Suburbs 1 House at a Time!

:: Maitreya-Bush Doofs and Paint Fumes

:: Carclew Workshops-Graffiti Workshops

:: Graffiti Birthday Parties- Ive got a plan for your next party!

:: HKC wall in Hosier Lane Melbourne- The ladies are getting high again!

::’Shit The Dicks’-  Hit The Bricks, Newcastle street art festival gets a wake up call from the ladies of Australia, after NOT ONE female artist was invited to participate!!

:: Photo Booth Hire- Branching Out! Custom painted for your next event

:: Corporate Team Building using Graffiti- I’ll have your office as tight as any crew!

…..and THATS JUST A BIT of whats been happening over the last year or more which is why Ive left you hanging for SO long! Im SORRY!!

Also I blew my laptop up and am trying to find all my pictures.. UGH. 😉

Back Soon with all these stories and MORE.


LADIE KILLERZ Exhibition Closing Party!

Ladie Killerz Exhibition CLOSING PARTY!! FRIDAY 27th April from 5-8pm at HQ Gallery in Leederville..sum of the artists that will BE THERE incl. LadyPOISE, Lady Bananas (WA), SPICE, THORN (NSW), ISHK, FLEUR, SAKIE (SA), JOSKE, MAIDN, SNOTRAG, and SEAR (VIC) !!
Come on down, say “what up”, have a drink and peep some awesome artwork and meet some of the crazy and talented ladies who done it! Would love to see you all there.. \m/ \m/ After party shenanigans at The Manor..woot woot!!

NEW prints available


Im catching up with technology and all things interweb and Ive now got a new ONLINE STORE where you can buy prints, original artwork and other such merchandisey goodness..Check it out!

Ive just added 3, brand spankin NEW, prints made for Ladie Killerz 5 and there are more to come, so keep checking in and see if anything takes your fancy. 🙂

Check it out and have a browse

Ladie Killerz 5 – Perth WA Australia 2012

Ladie Killerz 5 Posted on March 30, 2012 by Nicole in News The ladies are at it again with Ladie Killerz 5, a weekend long festival, celebrating ladies and their killer skills in all things art, music, film and especially graffiti. This annual event started 5 years ago with a collective of like minded, graffiti loving, girls with a taste for trouble, a need to paint, a love of the party and a hankering for a change of scenery. This year Perth will be playing host to Ladie Killerz 5 with an Art Exhibition and the sole reason why this event exists a massive Paint Jam with some of the most talented female graffiti artists from across Australia. The Ladie Killerz 5 Art Exhibition will feature graffiti inspired artworks by Australia’s most prolific graffiti, street and lowbrow artists. There is a serious lineup of ladies, including the likes of 23rd Key, Brooke, Bobridge, Damsel, Deb, Chez, Fleur, Gemma Jones, Heart, Hiden, Ishk, Isis, Ilsa Bennion, Jianna Lucia, Joske, Keos, Lady Bananas, Maiden, Meows, Nicole Tattersall, Poise, Poison Ivee, Rachee Renee, Rebecca Murphy, Sakie, Searious Jones, Skies, Snot Rag, Thorn and Toots Magee

Ladie Killerz 5 Art Exhibition HQ Gallery, 6A Frame Court, Leederville, WA, Australia.

Exhibition: Friday 20 – Friday 27 April

Exhibition Opening: Friday 20 April, 5pm – 9pm

Exhibition Closing: Friday 27 April, 5pm – 9pm

Of coarse Ladie Killerz wouldn’t be with the Wall Jam – scheduled for Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 April at the Chapman Street oval, Bassendean. Not only will there will be some painting going on but also a BBQ and beats on demand. The ladies that have locked in their interest are none other than Argue, Chez, Damsel, Diva, Fleur, Heart, Hiden, Ishk, Jesone, Joske, Keos, Lady Bananas, Maiden, Meows, Poise, Sakie, Searious Jones, Skies, Snot Rag and Thorn, plus many more to come. For further information about the event visit Ladie Killerz or the facebook event page.

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