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New Courtyard for Alibaba Group’s new Australia/New Zealand offices in Melbourne Australia

The Paterson Project 2015

LADIE KILLERZ Exhibition Closing Party!

Ladie Killerz Exhibition CLOSING PARTY!! FRIDAY 27th April from 5-8pm at HQ Gallery in Leederville..sum of the artists that will BE THERE incl. LadyPOISE, Lady Bananas (WA), SPICE, THORN (NSW), ISHK, FLEUR, SAKIE (SA), JOSKE, MAIDN, SNOTRAG, and SEAR (VIC) !!
Come on down, say “what up”, have a drink and peep some awesome artwork and meet some of the crazy and talented ladies who done it! Would love to see you all there.. \m/ \m/ After party shenanigans at The Manor..woot woot!!


NEW prints available


Im catching up with technology and all things interweb and Ive now got a new ONLINE STORE where you can buy prints, original artwork and other such merchandisey goodness..Check it out!

Ive just added 3, brand spankin NEW, prints made for Ladie Killerz 5 and there are more to come, so keep checking in and see if anything takes your fancy. 🙂

Check it out and have a browse

Ladie Killerz 5 – Perth WA Australia 2012

Ladie Killerz 5 Posted on March 30, 2012 by Nicole in News The ladies are at it again with Ladie Killerz 5, a weekend long festival, celebrating ladies and their killer skills in all things art, music, film and especially graffiti. This annual event started 5 years ago with a collective of like minded, graffiti loving, girls with a taste for trouble, a need to paint, a love of the party and a hankering for a change of scenery. This year Perth will be playing host to Ladie Killerz 5 with an Art Exhibition and the sole reason why this event exists a massive Paint Jam with some of the most talented female graffiti artists from across Australia. The Ladie Killerz 5 Art Exhibition will feature graffiti inspired artworks by Australia’s most prolific graffiti, street and lowbrow artists. There is a serious lineup of ladies, including the likes of 23rd Key, Brooke, Bobridge, Damsel, Deb, Chez, Fleur, Gemma Jones, Heart, Hiden, Ishk, Isis, Ilsa Bennion, Jianna Lucia, Joske, Keos, Lady Bananas, Maiden, Meows, Nicole Tattersall, Poise, Poison Ivee, Rachee Renee, Rebecca Murphy, Sakie, Searious Jones, Skies, Snot Rag, Thorn and Toots Magee

Ladie Killerz 5 Art Exhibition HQ Gallery, 6A Frame Court, Leederville, WA, Australia.

Exhibition: Friday 20 – Friday 27 April

Exhibition Opening: Friday 20 April, 5pm – 9pm

Exhibition Closing: Friday 27 April, 5pm – 9pm

Of coarse Ladie Killerz wouldn’t be with the Wall Jam – scheduled for Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 April at the Chapman Street oval, Bassendean. Not only will there will be some painting going on but also a BBQ and beats on demand. The ladies that have locked in their interest are none other than Argue, Chez, Damsel, Diva, Fleur, Heart, Hiden, Ishk, Jesone, Joske, Keos, Lady Bananas, Maiden, Meows, Poise, Sakie, Searious Jones, Skies, Snot Rag and Thorn, plus many more to come. For further information about the event visit Ladie Killerz or the facebook event page.

‘BOARD’ Exhibition- Live Painting at NGV Studio Gallery

As part of the Board exhibition on at the NGV Studio gallery space at Fed Square, I was asked by the good folk at Just Another Agency to paint a couple skateboards in house for 3 days with font designer Leisha Muraki in Jan..All boards by JAA artists are for sale and proceeds go towards the Three Sixty Project- you can check out (up close) and buy boards here:


The name 360 Project was chosen to represent this concept. Our first goal is to supply 360 skateboards worldwide, but the name also represents the cycle process of everyday people making a difference through the design or purchase of skateboards, either for art or to ride (the decks are 100% hard rock maple, manufactured to international standards). Lastly, and most importantly, 360 degrees represents the impact we aim to have on a global scale. There is no country or region we cannot reach – no teenager or young adult who cannot access a 360 Project skateboard.

All profits made by 360 Project are put towards manufacturing more skateboards and supplying additional products such as wheels, trucks and bearings, and the Programs that receive our decks are documented on the 360 Project website for people to see the impact of their generosity.

For more info, see :

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Ladies Lounge Exhibition, Freemantle WA 2012


So after the success of Melbourne and Adelaide’s ‘With A Little Help from My Friends’ exhibitions, I decided it was time to get my butt over to Perth, to visit old mates and give them a SEARious taste. Ladies Lounge was a crew group show organised by the one and only Ladie Poise, Shime and Lady Bananas who reside on the wild west coast. After some debacle with the gallery owner..(gallery will NOT be mentioned as I cant stand the guy who ‘runs’ it and he deserves nothing but possibly a punch to the groin!)..we had an amazing turnout and fun was had by all in true HKC styles. Punters got a taste of how the ladies run things and a few bargains to boot! Big thanks to POISE and PORE for accomodation,early airport runs and antics, to big SHIME and Montys Auto Colour for paint and sorting the space  and shout outs to Bananas and my old mate Heidi for coming up north to visit and sink drinks! Love you all and will be back in April for more westside funtics!

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RIP to the Subway Queen LOTUS

Recently I heard the sudden and tragic news that my friend and graff legend- the subway queen, Bianca LOTUS aka MUFINS had passed unexpectedly. As one does at these sad times, I felt useless to help her family and friends and wanted to pay my respects in some way and say my goodbyes in the only way I knew how. After some correspondence with her Sydney crew and life long friend THORN, i felt obliged, out of mad respect, to take part in a LOTUS memorial gig and fundraising night (all monies raised went to Bianca’s family) and was honoured to paint a tribute wall in Glebe with SEKT, THORN, and JOSKE. Rest in Piece.

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‘Board’ – at the National Gallery of Victoria’s Studio Gallery Space

Here’s my contribution for ‘Board’ – An exhibition currently on display at the National Gallery of Victoria’s Studio Gallery Space in Fed Sq. here in Melbourne.

The exhibition was curated by the fine folk at Just Another Agency, props for all your hard work guys!

Showcasing a massive lineup of Australian talent and a couple of kiwis, including: 23rd Key – Aida Sabic – Alex Lehours – Alex Lousia – Apeseven – Aramas – Beccy Brown – Bec Winnel – Ben Ashton Bell – Ben Brown – Bennet –Caitlin Rigby – Cam Scale – Cat Rabbit – Cinzah Seekayem – Deb – Dilly – Drypnz – Dvate – Ears – Fat Ankle – Flake – Gary Seaman – Gemma Jones – Gore – Heesco – Itch – Jack Douglas – Joshua Smith –Kaitlin Beckett – Karlosh – Ken Taylor – Kirpy – Luke Ryan – Leisha Muraki – Makatron – Michael Steele Phibs – Pierre Lloga – Poise – Qwux – Rebecca Murphy – Rena Littleson – Sam Octigan – Sear –Shannon Crees – Shaun Campbell (SQUIDTANK) – Steve Cross – Taylor White – Tom Ferson – The

I will be painting another deck at the studio on the 5th,6th and 7th of January 2012 with another artist..come down and check it out and say ‘hi’!!

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